IELTS Book Review: How to Speak and Write Correctly

There are numerous of books found in bookstores and even online that help people develop their skills in speaking and writing. Bookstores have showcased different speaking manuals; some are even best sellers, which promise overwhelming results on the development of one’s English skills.



For people taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, honing one’s skill in speaking and writing is very crucial. For one, the speaking test is done on a one-on-one interview facing a native English speaker and the writing test poses challenging data and chart interpretations. Aside from the training that a candidate gets from IELTS review centers, getting a good book to help develop the skills will be a bonus. Hence, one must be familiar with How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Delvin.


This book is perfect for individuals who are having a hard time understanding the basic of English – grammar. The book has discussed grammar in details from the eight parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections) to figurative speech (simile, metaphor, personification, oxymoron and etc.) This book has provided great example sentences and explanations on how certain grammar rules are used and applied.


In addition, the book showcases proper usage of vocabulary words. It is always said that having good vocabulary is best to any individuals taking an English competency examination. Vocabulary plays a vital role in making smart and appropriate responses in both speaking and writing. Raters are very keen on how candidates use words and phrases in developing ideas in their responses. It describes how to use vocabulary on varying situations like slang, vernacular writing and even newspaper writing.


Moreover, the books details on one common mistake candidates in the IELTS commit – spelling. Spelling has been an issue to most candidates. The reason why candidates commit this mistake is the fact that their time is limited so they write so fast overlooking this mistake. Moreover, there are times that candidates do not review their essays before handing it in. Hence, candidates are given practice on how some words are spelled properly and some tips on how to avoid misspelling them.


Overall, this book is best for candidates taking the IELTS speaking and writing test. Candidates should learn to develop their vocabulary and confidence in speaking. Furthermore, developing grammar skills, sentence construction, and even coherence and flow of the essay. This book is the best guide in getting the target score for the IELTS examination.